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Jeff Beatty

Jeff Beatty

Location: Utah, USA

Jeff Beatty is a veteran in the field of technology localization after years working with the browser Firefox Mozilla. He is enthusiastic about the process of adapting products towards the needs of local communities around the world:

“Projects which invest the time and money to appropriately localize their technology ensure that their users connect with their products at a very deep and personal level. I firmly believe that technology is the medium for ensuring the perpetuation of language and culture in the digital age”.

kepa sarasola

Kepa Sarasola

Location: The Basque Country

Kepa Sarasola works in the field of natural language processing at the University of the Basque Country. As part of the IXA research group, he has experience in applying computational linguistics techniques to a lesser resourced language in the form of Basque. From the IXA website:

“Our research has resulted in state-of-the-art technology for robust, broad-coverage natural-language processing for Basque. These technologies include a spelling checker (Xuxen), a machine translation system (OpenTrad), Basque wordnet (BasWN), the corpus of Science and Technology (ZT corpus) and a syntactically annotated corpus (EPEC)”.



laurette pretorius


Professor Laurette Pretorius

Location: South Africa

Laurette Pretorius is a professor in computer science who has worked extensively on the development of natural language processing for a variety of lesser resourced South African languages.From her description on the university of South Africa Website:

“Professor Pretorius specialises in the natural language processing (NLP) of the lesser-resourced Southern African languages, including Zulu, Xhosa, Swati, Ndebele, Tswana, Afrikaans and Khoekhoegowab. Her research interests also include the role of natural language and multilingual NLP in semantic computing and ontology development, knowledge extraction from text, controlled natural language for domain specific precise machine translation and language generation. She has written over 70 articles in scientific journals and peer-reviewed conference proceedings”.