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New Cloud based Welsh Machine Translation

coin-tinyPart of our Welsh Language Communications Infrastructure project is to improve the machine translation resources for leveraging some capabilities that are provided via English language based technologies.

As a result, the Welsh National Language Technologies Portal Moses-SMT machine translation’s capabilities are now available from the API Centre thus making it easy to integrate into your software including translation memory systems such as Trados, WordFast and CyfieithuCymru (TranslateWales)

Welsh<>English Moses-SMT joins a wide range of other language technologies API services such as Cysill (Welsh spelling and grammar checker), text-to-speech, parts of speech tagger, language detection, lemmatizer and Vocab to enhance Welsh support of your website, app and software.

api cloudSimilar to these other API services, you can get started by obtaining your API key (How to register for an API key) and follow the documentation and code examples we’ve prepared on GitHub. Please see:

Before you go ahead however, we’d like to emphasize once more the importance of quality control – It is your responsibility to ensure that this machine translation software is used appropriately, including the use of careful post-editing (see Quality Issues).


We have prepared a demo so that you can evaluate the machine translation engines.

Please see:


Add Cysill Ar-lein to your website or code

Would you like to add Cysill Ar-lein to your web page, blog or app? You can now do this by using our widget and our new Cysill Ar-lein web service!


Cysill Ar-lein is an online Welsh language spelling and grammar checker and is the Language Technologies Unit’s most popular website. During 2014, there was a significant increase in its use, and in the number of texts corrected with it. In fact, there was an increase of 40%, with over a million pieces of Welsh language text checked by the website.

Cysill Ar-lein has a proven ability to give users who are not sure about their Welsh a strong confidence boost, and by allowing users to check their Welsh on many more websites and software packages, we hope that it will become possible to support and increase the confidence of even more users.

In accordance with the aims of the Language Technologies Unit, both the widget and the API service may be used free of charge.


Registering for a Cysill Ar-lein API key

By registering on our API service Centre you can get your own Cysill Ar-lein API key, to use in any way you’d like with the widget or the online API service. Go to Registering for an API key for further details.


Web Application widget

The Cysill Ar-lein web application widget is a feature that could be particularly useful for websites which allow users to compose text, such as comments.

The widget works via the web, so there’s no need to install any specialised software or even download files to any server or computer before getting started. All that’s required is to add the following few lines of HTML into your website:

        var CYSILL_API_KEY = "YOUR_API_KEY";
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" 

N.B. you will need to register for your API key and input it instead of ‘YOUR_API_KEY’

The widget can be placed anywhere within a web page by adding :

<div id='CysillArleinApp'></div>

The widget can be presented in a smaller embedded format next to some text, or on its own on a separate page. The system is flexible, and empowers you to use the spell-checker in the way which works best for you. Below is an example of the widget on Bangor University’s ‘Cymorth Cymraeg’ website.

Cysill Ar-lein o fewn dudalennau CymorthCymraeg Prifysgol Bangor

Here’s an another example of a simple Cysill Ar-lein website . Right-click on the page and choose: ‘View Page Source’ to see how simple the code really is.

The following page on GitHub explains in full how to use the widget.


Cysill Ar-lein API Service

Another offering from Cysill Ar-lein that we are excited to announce is the ability to embed Cysill Welsh language spelling and grammar checking functionality within your software using a new API service. This is the API service already used by the widget and the official Cysill Ar-lein website.

From today we are opening access to the Cysill Ar-lein API service to anyone for use with their coding projects and/or integrate with their software. This service is free.

N.B. you will need to register for your API key and input it instead of ‘YOUR_API_KEY’

We’ve loaded some examples onto GitHub showing how the API can be used with programming languages such as Python.

Go to:


The examples contain code that :


Welsh Parts of Speech Tagger

One of the most important components of our Welsh grammar and spell-checking program Cysill is the parts of speech tagger. In fact, a tagger is one of the most crucial component in any application where a computer is expected to analyse and interpret natural language text.

Our tagger can identify Welsh words – even when those words are mutated, or when verbs are inflected – and provide their part of speech. This information encompasses a wide range of Welsh linguistic features which the tagger is able to recognise and tag; including nouns, adjectives, the type of mutation, and so on.

For example, the tagger will return the text “Mae hen wlad fy nhadau” as :

mae/VBF/- hen/ADJP/- wlad/NF/TM fy/PRONOUN/- nhadau/NPL/TT

Our parts of speech tagger is the first capability from our online API Services.  We’re excited that the tagger will now be available for everybody to use, with generous terms of use, and for free.

For more information, go to the Parts of Speech Tagger API.