Welsh <> English Machine Translation

coin-tinyMoses-SMT is an open source translation engine developed mainly at Edinburgh University. Research and development for Moses-SMT was funded by the European Union.

It’s a powerful product which allows you to develop your own machine translation systems by training them with corpora of paralell texts of translations.  It allows you to create engines that are specifically adapted to the needs of your translation projects, ensuring that they produce high quality translations.

Moses-SMT is useful in situations where translation memories are already being used successfully to save time and money. For many translators, Moses-SMT offers not only improved translations compared to ordinary translation engines, but has also proven that it’s possible to be far more productive using a post-editing approach than by using only translation memory systems. For this reason, the use of Moses-SMT has recently increased substantially within the international translation industry.

Using the Language Technologies Portal it’s now possible for anyone, but particularly those working in the Welsh <> English translation industry, to benefit from using Moses-SMT in their projects, product or translation services.

We have developed these resources in such a way that you should not require much technical knowledge or ability to use them. To see how you can get started, go to our project page on GitHub for Welsh<>English Moses-SMT :