reichelThe language technology conference Trwy Ddulliau Technoleg took place in Bangor University on the 6th March 2015. The aim of the conference was to bring together academics and practitioners who have an interest in the use and proliferation of language technologies in minority languages.

Taking place in Reichel Hall, the conference encompassed talks by invited speakers, a session for showing off our own language technology resources, case studies and a discussion between speakers from various minority language communities.

The title is a reference to Saunders’ Lewis’ influential talk Tynged yr Iaith (The Fate of the Language), and this reflects the hope that promoting language technology amongst minority languages may be a means towards ensuring their survival.

Following the conference, on the 7th of March we hosted the annual Hacio’r Iaith (hacking the language) event in the University, which included a hacathon utilizing the resources of our resource portal.