The National Language Technologies Portal is provided by the Language Technologies Unit at Bangor University. The Portal aims to be a one stop shop to provide information of relevant resources and events, funded mainly by the Welsh Government.

Language Technologies include all activities where computers and electronic devices engage with human languages. This can include speech recognition (where people speak aloud and the computer responds or types what is spoken), text to speech (where the computer or device reads aloud what is in the written text, using a synthetic voice), and machine translation (where the computer translates between two or more human languages, without the help of a human translator). It also includes natural language processing (NLP), where the computer uses AI to analyse and understand language.

If you are interested in any of these fields, how about joining our National Network for Language Technologies?

If you are looking for a list of all the resources, tools, services and products available for European languages, including Welsh, the European Language Grid  (ELG) is actively collecting and cataloguing them.

For more information on Language Technologies at Bangor University, see here. A list of their research papers may be found here.

Contact Stefano Ghazzali, our Language Technologies Advocate by email: if you would like to work with us or wish to have any further information.