Welsh Lemmatizer API

The Welsh Lemmatizer API allows users to lemmatize any given inflected, mutated and/or conjugated word into its lemma automatically without needing to install any special software on their computer. It’s easy to use, and it’s free.

Go to our API Services in order to register and receive your personal API key in order to use this service. Here is the guide on how to get an API key.

You can enter any word into the API and receive a lemma. For example, if you input “redais” into the API, the lemma “rhedeg” will be returned to you.

This is the only service of its kind which currently exists for Welsh. The service has possible applications in several domains including online dictionary websites.


Articles or software based on the use of this APIshould cite:

Jones, D. B., Robertson, P., Prys, G. (2015) Welsh language Lemmatizer API Service [http://techiaith.cymru/api/lemmatizer/?lang=en]