The Welsh National Language Technologies Portal is a collection of Welsh technical resources developed at the Language Technologies Unit, Canolfan Bedwyr, Bangor University.

The resources have been developed as free and open ‘building blocks’ in order to enable advanced and comprehensive help for Welsh in any finalized digital products.

The resources are aimed at local and international software companies, researchers, hackers and enthusiastic volunteers as well as Welsh coding clubs.

The resources are arranged into the following language technology sub-fields:


Resources for you to create and use your own machine translation systems.



Resources to produce and/or respond to Welsh human speech.



Large collections of Welsh text and/or speech corpora for you to download.


APIs services

A variety of Welsh language technology functionalities for easy inclusion in your apps, websites or Welsh and bilingual software.


Website plug-ins

Plug-ins for your website to aid the use of Welsh.


Resources that are Fun and Easy to Use

An important element of the Language Technologies Portal is that it will help developers and others to actually use the resources, as well as offering ideas on various products including apps, games, projects for the Raspberry Pi and plug-ins for websites. Most of the supporting resources are stored within GitHub  for the National Language Technologies Portal, where you will find not only documentation, but also example code.

More details, along with links to the resources, documentation, and usage ideas, can be found in the relevant sections which can be accessed by following these links: