New Cloud based Welsh Machine Translation

coin-tinyPart of our Welsh Language Communications Infrastructure project is to improve the machine translation resources for leveraging some capabilities that are provided via English language based technologies.

As a result, the Welsh National Language Technologies Portal Moses-SMT machine translation’s capabilities are now available from the API Centre thus making it easy to integrate into your software including translation memory systems such as Trados, WordFast and CyfieithuCymru (TranslateWales)

Welsh<>English Moses-SMT joins a wide range of other language technologies API services such as Cysill (Welsh spelling and grammar checker), text-to-speech, parts of speech tagger, language detection, lemmatizer and Vocab to enhance Welsh support of your website, app and software.

api cloudSimilar to these other API services, you can get started by obtaining your API key (How to register for an API key) and follow the documentation and code examples we’ve prepared on GitHub. Please see:

Before you go ahead however, we’d like to emphasize once more the importance of quality control – It is your responsibility to ensure that this machine translation software is used appropriately, including the use of careful post-editing (see Quality Issues).


We have prepared a demo so that you can evaluate the machine translation engines.

Please see: