Welsh Parts of Speech Tagger

One of the most important components of our Welsh grammar and spell-checking program Cysill is the parts of speech tagger. In fact, a tagger is one of the most crucial component in any application where a computer is expected to analyse and interpret natural language text.

Our tagger can identify Welsh words – even when those words are mutated, or when verbs are inflected – and provide their part of speech. This information encompasses a wide range of Welsh linguistic features which the tagger is able to recognise and tag; including nouns, adjectives, the type of mutation, and so on.

For example, the tagger will return the text “Mae hen wlad fy nhadau” as :

mae/VBF/- hen/ADJP/- wlad/NF/TM fy/PRONOUN/- nhadau/NPL/TT

Our parts of speech tagger is the first capability from our online API Services.  We’re excited that the tagger will now be available for everybody to use, with generous terms of use, and for free.

For more information, go to the Parts of Speech Tagger API.