More Welsh text-to-speech resources on GitHub

Since its launch in March, a few coders and companies have been using the cloud based Welsh language text-to-speech API service.

Very often however, developers from companies in particular wish to utilise Welsh language text-to-speech available offline and in Microsoft Windows based environments. We also get from time to time e-mails from text-to-speech developers of other lesser resourced languages asking for help on using their own voices in Microsoft Windows.

Our Welsh language text-to-speech voice is possible thanks to the superb Festival Speech Synthesis System. However, Festival, as its developers openly admit, does not support Microsoft Windows very well at all.

We think that Festival and its Welsh voice should be possible in Microsoft Windows. Therefore, we’ve published the speech data that makes Festival talk Welsh on GitHub as well as hack on the side to create a Visual Studio Solution project that makes Festival run natively on Windows with a very basic COM and .NET interface.

The voice data can be found here:

While our attempt to get get our Welsh text-to-speech voice running on Windows and our contribution to improving Festival on Microsoft Windows can be found here:

Without these resources there are very few, if any, options for Welsh or any Festival voice to be usable on Windows. We hope that these contributions are of great help and can be improved upon with the aid of Welsh language and international open source communities.