Moses SMT update

When we released our machine translation resources earlier this month, we were using the first version of Moses, version 1.0. We have now updated the script to the latest version: Moses 3.0.

Everything is available from either GitHub at or from

Moses 3.0 offers a number of improvements for translators. According to the release notes (which you can read here) these updates include features which make the decoding process quicker, release more memory, and make Moses more effective in the process of matching sentences correctly.

We will also be taking advantage of this update in order to improve the translation engine CofnodYCynulliad (which we’ve previously talked about here) with additional data which we will be collecting from the Welsh Assembly.

Additionally, we plan to create a new domain specific engine for translating software, with the help of data provided by Rhoslyn Prys from

These are good examples of the iterative nature of translation engines, where it’s possible to keep adding data in order to develop and improve them continuously. Keep an eye out for more developments on this soon.