Machine Translation API

The Machine Translation API allows users to obtian translations from Welsh or English texts without needing to install any special software on their computer. It’s easy to use, and it’s free.

Go to our API Services in order to register and receive your personal API key in order to use this service. Here is the guide on how to get an API key.

Machine Translation is not acceptable as a substitute for human translators where the translation is intended for official or public consumption.It is acceptable to use MT hand in hand with human post-editing and this may be incorporated in the workflow with a translation memory system such as Trados, Wordfast or CyfieithuCymru.

A rolling training programme is recommended to update translators’ knowledge of new technological advances as part of their professional development, and this will help in getting the most out of new technology.

For more see here : Note on Machine Translation and Translation Tools for Translation Managers and Commissioners

More on translation resources : Translation – Introduction


For more information on how to use the API service and code example follow the link below to the GitHub project pages: