The Welsh National Language Technologies Portal also hosts its own Local Resource Repository as part of the European META-SHARE network.


META-SHARE, the open language resource exchange facility, is devoted to the sustainable sharing and dissemination of language resources (LRs) and aims at increasing access to such resources in a global scale.

META-SHARE is an open, integrated, secure and interoperable sharing and exchange facility for LRs (datasets and tools) for the Human Language Technologies domain and other applicative domains where language plays a critical role.

META-SHARE is implemented in the framework of the META-NET Network of Excellence. It is designed as a network of distributed repositories of LRs, including language data and basic language processing tools (e.g., morphological analysers, PoS taggers, speech recognisers, etc.).

List of current Meta-Share Resources

Number Description License
1 Docker based environment for HTK acoustic and language models training Dim cyfyngiad defnydd
2 Docker based Moses Statistical MT decoders with pre-trained English <> Welsh models BSD – style
3 Enwau Cymru: List of Placenames in Wales in the Welsh language with geo-location and English equivalents CC-BY
4 julius-cy : Welsh support for the Julius LVCSR system BSD – style
5 List of Placenames in Wales in the Welsh language Apache 2
6 Paldaruo Speech Corpus CC – BY
7 Welsh – English Equivalents File Apache – 2
8 Welsh Forced Aligner BSD – style
9 Welsh letter-to-sound rules BSD – style
10 Welsh Pronunciation Lexicon Apache 2
11  WISPR Corpus BSD